Technical Sessions

In addition to technical sessions typically held in the symposium, this conference will feature three areas that tie strongly with Colorado: energy systems and catalysis, environmental science, and colloids in life science.

Active Matter

Invited Speakers: Petia Vlahovska, Northwestern U.; John Brady, Caltech; Ilona Kretzschmar, CCNY
Organizers: Bhuvnesh Bharti, Louisiana State; Wyatt Shields, CU Boulder

Colloidal and Interfacial Forces

Organizers: Younjin Min, UC Riverside; Mustafa Akbulut, Texas A&M

Colloids, Macromolecules, and Surfaces in Life Science

Organizers: Yi Zhang, U Connecticut; William Ducker, Virginia Tech; Saeed Behzadinasab, Virginia Tech

Self and Directed Assembly

Invited Speakers: Mike Bevan, Johns Hopkins U.; Stefano Sacanna, New York U.; Rafal Klajn, Weizmann Inst.
Organizers: Qian Chen, UIUC; Taylor Woehl, U Maryland

Electrokinetics and Microfluidics

Organizers: John Oakey, U Wyoming; Bill Ristenpart, UC Davis

Emulsions, Bubbles and Foams

Invited Speakers: Matt Helgeson, UCSB; Lynn Walker, CMU
Organizers: Dan Miller, Dow Chemical; Lauran Zarzar, Penn State

Energy Systems

Organizers: Esteban E. Ureña-Benavides, UT San Antonio

Geochemical and Environmental Systems

Organizers: Sujit S. Datta, Princeton U.; James Ranville, Colorado School of Mines; Chad D. Vecitis, Harvard U.

General Aspects of Colloid and Interface Science

Organizers: Xiaoyu Tang, Northeastern U.

Molecules and Particles at Fluid Interfaces

Organizers: Hongbo Zeng, U. of Alberta; Emily Pentzer, Texas A&M; Peiran Wei, Texas A&M

Rheology and Dynamics

Invited Speakers: Lisa Biswal, Rice U.; Jim Gilchrist, Lehigh
Organizers: Samanvaya Srivastava, UCLA; Joseph Samaniuk, Colorado School of Mines

Surface Science and Catalysis

Organizers: Susan Habas, NREL; Stephanie Kwon, Colorado School of Mines

Wetting and Adhesion

Organizers: Dongjin Seo, BYU; Douglas Estanga, Chevron

Connecting the Dots

Organizers: Ning Wu, Colorado School of Mines; David Marr, Colorado School of Mines

Langmuir Student Awards Session

Poster Session