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The 96th Colloid and Surface Science Symposium (CSSS) will feature awards for best graduate student oral presentations, sponsored by the ACS journal Langmuir and the ACS Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry. These awards aim to recognize excellence in research as manifested in oral presentations. There are two levels of awards. The first level is selection based on your application to be one of ten presenters for the special session “Langmuir Graduate Student Oral Presentation Awards.” All ten selected students will receive complementary conference registration ($250). The second level is selection based on your oral presentation for the top three prizes among these ten students. These top three prize winners will receive additional cash awards of $750, $500, and $250, respectively.

Students enrolled in graduate school at the time of the Symposium are eligible to apply.

Submit your application (by April 22, 2022)
Prepare your award application as a single PDF file including: (1) a long abstract of 2 pages, (2) a 2-page CV including your complete contact information, and (3) a recommendation letter from your Ph.D. advisor. Email to the Symposium co-Chair, Prof. Ning Wu.

Selection Criteria
Ten participants for the Langmuir Graduate Student Oral Presentation Awards session will be selected by the symposium committee based upon the following criteria:

(1) timeliness and relevance to the field of Colloid and Surface Science,
(2) clarity in the statement of the problem and research goals,
(3) soundness of the approach, and
(4) actual accomplishments in research and its impact.

The selected presenters for the awards session will be notified by May 15, 2022. Based on their oral presentations, the top three prize winners will be selected by a panel of judges at the Langmuir Graduate Student Oral Presentation Awards session scheduled during July 10-13, 2022.

Submit Regular Abstract to the Meeting and Register
Submit also a regular abstract (shortened version of the extended abstract) on the meeting website to any topical symposium of interest by April 15, 2022 and register for the meeting. If you are not selected for the Langmuir Graduate Student Oral Presentation Awards session, you will be scheduled to present in the selected topical Symposium.